Client testimonials

Here are some examples of what my clients are saying about working with me
Sarah – Creative Coaching Client said: I have worked with Amy as my life and career coach twice now and have found both periods of consultation extremely valuable and enriching. As a creative professional, I really needed guidance in the area of monetizing my skill set, finding the voice of my brand and building the foundations of my business. Amy understood all of this from the outset, before I even realized it myself. She provided me with the tools and encouragement to make my ideas tangible and achievable. Amy approaches your goals along side you, giving you the feeling you have a team mate as well as a mentor. I would highly recommend her to all who are in need of this kind of coaching, particularly those working within the creative industry.
Niamh who came to me for Career Coaching  said; I was having a hard time on the process of moving forward in my career. Working with Amy is helping me getting all the clarity I needed. Now I can understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me and what are the steps that I have to take to achieve my dreams. After her coaching I feel a lot more motivated, confident and full of energy to take action in my life. Starting the coaching with Amy has been definitely the best decision I have taken this year.”
Maire who came to me for Career Consultation said; It was a pleasure to work with Amy and an incredible experience. Prior to this, I was at a point of my career where I was confused as to which path to take and what would be the best approach to get things done. Amy didn’t only help me get clarity over my goals, she also helped me realize my potential and gain confidence. Through various sessions, she helped me work on my weaknesses and limiting beliefs which held me back and helped me take control. Amy is highly knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of her field. During every session, she talked very amiably and always helped me out through her creative solutions. I highly appreciate all the efforts she put in to understand my professional goals and requirements and helped me plan out the steps needed to achieve them. She is very enthusiastic, easy to talk to and listens to you very calmly. I highly recommend her.
John who came to me for interview preparation said; I worked with Amy over a few weeks earlier and found her an incredible source of support. Before our first meeting, Amy had thoroughly researched the role, the company, and my background to maximize the benefit of every session. She is very calm and knowledgeable and helped me to find solutions where I thought there were none. She became my coach and still is to this day, and I hope to be able to reach out to her every time I feel I need to check in with somebody who can offer me time, total attention, and the willingness to listen without judgment. I could see the results during my applications based on the guidance she had given me in every session, even during the pandemic crisis. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone who needs help preparing for an interview. She is there when you need someone to encourage you to make that journey of career development, which is not easy.
Adrian who came for Career Consultation said; Amy isn’t just an experienced HR professional. She is also comprehensive and perceptive. Her technicality combined with her soft skills makes her a a great career guider which helped to get the role I desired. The guidance happened by her giving me tools to work on interview techniques, curriculum review, LinkedIn profile review and cover letter preparation. Thanks Amy, it was a pleasure working with you.
Emma a Creative Coaching program client said; Working with Amy was a delight and her positive energy,creativity and problem-solving mind were a great influence and addition to the team. Amy is a supportive Team player and a great self-starter as well. I really hope that our career paths meet again as it is a privilege to work at her contact.
Eve who came to me for linkedin training and cv service and career coaching program said; Working with Amy has been a life changing experience. I gained more clarity, focus and confidence to move forward in my career. With all her tools, empathy and kindness she helped me feeling motivated, hopeful and proactive and I started seeing changes in a very short period of time. She is very professional
James who came to me for life coaching program said; Working with Amy was a fantastic experience. She helped me identify my values and work towards the life I want for myself. She is a lovely person and you can see how invested she is in her  Amy has given me the tools and the practical knowledge to move forward in my life and to be independent and she really takes the time to know you. I would highly recommend her!
Brian who came to me for career coaching project and interview preparation said; Had the pleasure of working with Amy on a few occasions and was always impressed by her energy, professionalism, hard work and genuine interest in my progress.
Robert who came to the coaching program for Career confidence program said; Amy has the rare ability to balance professionalism and drive with a genuine interest in other people and a sincere enthusiasm to help others. She has a unique mix of a commercial and realistic business outlook and a very strong creative background. She will make a wonderful coach as her emotional intelligence, positive outlook, creative skills and boundless energy will create a coaching experience where her clients will feel supported, challenged and energized. I look forward to hearing all about her successes in the years to come.
Sara who came to me for creative coaching on her artist’s  portfolio said; Amy’s artistic crafts and mindset come through in the quality of work which results. She is a pleasure to work with and has a fantastic mindset which is positively infectious to all those around her. It is my honour to work with her and recommend her.
Jessy who came to me for career advice said; I have only met a few people like Amy who are always there to help you and give you a genuine advice for your career.
Mark who came to me for business coaching said; I have known and worked with Amy for years now, professional and always helpful, I have always felt she was working hard. We have had a couple of real success stories with Amy. A great person to know, and a great person to work with
Keith who came to me for creative coaching said: I have worked on many projects over the last 10 years with Amy and i can honestly say her professionalism along with her work ethic are outstanding. Amy’s people skills are second to none and her willingness to provide what her clients need. Being an artist Amy has a unique creative approach to business and that’s what makes her fun to work with.
Sean who availed of my cv service said: For anyone thinking about working with Amy, I can tell you that she is excellent to deal with
Ciara who came to me for confidence program said: Amy made me feel comfortable on the first day i met her. Always listened to any questions and extremely supportive through the entire process. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone. Well done Amy
Aga who came for confidence coaching said; I worked with Amy at the Coaching program on a number of occasions and it improved my entire outlook on situations and my overall wellness, balance and I improved my self talk. I would highly recommend Amy as she is warm, funny and caring but helps you take responsibility for yourself. In my opinion she one of the best and talented Coaches I have meet! Thank you Amy for all you have done for me. I love you
Alana who came for life coaching with me said; Amy has helped me so much. She has given me priceless tips on how to boost my confidence at work and get what I want from life. She’s very professional and from the first session I felt I could really open up to her. Totally worth it!
Daniel who came for creative career coaching said; Amy is a great coach. She helped me when I was in a very challenging work situation. She helped me see that I am very capable of handling pressure and to see what I have achieved and the potential of what / can achieve in the future. If you get coaching from Amy you will not regret it. 
Nicola a career coaching program client said; I would thoroughly recommend Amy. She is very professional, however she’s not just a surface Level coach. She sees the whole person and has a lot of depth. She is amazing at helping you become the best version of you.