The Coaching program experience Price List

Being clear on your expectations and goals is paramount to your success in all areas of your personal & professional life.

I offer specialized coaching in various experiences below from bouncing back after redundancy, Creative Success, to career consultations and mock interview roleplays – with 10 years experience in Business, Design, Recruitment and Management.

I have helped hundreds of people find fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Planning and strategizing  with a Qualified Coach is essential to your success because it encourages you to be specific about what you really want and how you can use your own unique skills to approach things effectively with in your professional or personal life.

As new beginnings can start with getting hired or heard, sometimes jobs can end unexpectedly for various reasons such as getting fired, being made redundant, redeployment and so on.

Coaching with me after life events such as these can help you to rebuild, pick up the pieces, bounce back  and become more resilient by strategizing and starting again in a fresh new way.

There are many experiences and packages to choose from – see what one will suit you best from the list below – remember all programs are tailored so any agenda is suitable and all programs start at 1 month up until 12 months.

Build your dream life, find your dream job and live a life you LOVE with Amy

Coaching and Consulting experiences with Amy 

Published books by Amy Claire (simply click on the image to read more…)

Coaching through Covid & beyond by Amy – The Ultimate Toolkit for newly qualified and aspiring coaches

Own your shit with Awesome affirmations by Amy – Heal yourself from Head to toe with affirmations that correspond to your energy centres – find bravery, courage, compassion and motivation

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal by Amy – for the busy people out there – just three minutes a day to focus on what you have -not what you lack!