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#1 The Confidence and Courage Experience – ‘become unstoppable!’

What would your life look like if you were full of confidence? Would you look different? Would you act different? Would you let thoughts get in your way of moving forward?

Your life would drastically change if you had more confidence right? My program allows you to tackle old mindsets and beliefs that get in the way of you being your best self. You can write and pave your way into a new life full of self actualization, awareness and drive. 

This program focuses on getting you more of what you need and want and desire and less of what you don’t. You will begin to operate in a way that is congruent with who you are deep down inside. You can tap into your own inner courage and confidence because it has always been there.

Price 495

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#2 ‘Unleash your Creativity’ Experience Start to Believe in what you CAN create

Are you a Creative person? Do you want to build your legacy by enhancing your brand? With this experience, you will unleash your creativity, build your brand, rewrite your old stories and narratives and build your confidence and self-esteem in your work. Creative coaching is for all disciplines from stylists to writers to artists. The project doesn’t just have to focus on online branding, it focuses on accountability, productivity and results.

Price 495

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#3 ‘Bounce back!’ Package – THE NEW YOU!

Being made redundant can be a very derailing experience and a challenging one. I have been there and it is not easy. This package allows and encourages you to pick up the pieces with self-compassion, resilience and strength. I can work with you to build resilience and direction. This package is to help you bounce back with courage and your head held high  and discover a NEW and IMPROVED YOU!  Post-redundancy coaching can help you see your value again and what you can offer a prospective employer learning from blindspots and bad habits in your previous role. Piece by piece you will regain your confidence and find something new that you truly desire.

 Price 695

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#4 Life & Personal Coaching – POPULAR

This tailored package focuses on the whole person and their chosen goal be it: for their career, love life, finances, wellness, weight loss and uses highly sophisticated tools to get you to a level in which you are operating with a growth mindset and are held accountable with your coach for all milestones and achievements. All personal coaching is a 3-6 month project. 

Price 395 

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#5 The Mock Interview – Be ready for the BIG DAY!

 I have 7 years’ experience on interview panels hiring the most suitable candidates. Together, we can set you up for success! This package includes full real-life role play preparing you for all eventualities. You will get feedback to prepare for the big day and tips on framing past experience with professional terminology and highlight blindspots.
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  • All mock interviews are 45 minutes long followed by written feedback, interview script & a check in on the DAY

Price 295

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#6 The 360′ Career Confidence Experience

POPULAR! – This package includes career coaching for career clarity & direction (2 x 45 minute sessions) AND;

  1. Full CV edit
  2. Linkedin audit
  3. New Cover letter
  4. full HR interview.

With my background in HR and Recruitment, this package is designed for the client to experience the full suite of the process and gives you peace of mind. Increase your career confidence with the 360 experience today.

Price 595

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