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Hi, I’m Amy Claire. I am a Qualified Life Coach & Career Coach specializing in Confidence Coaching, Creativity Coaching and Career Coaching programs.

All of my Coaching is  based online.

I maintain a distinct focus on my clients. I am experienced HR and Recruitment professional with a Design background – I know right? Doesn’t sound straightforward! Well, nothing in life is really straight forward, we all find our paths and our calling when we let go of the past. All of my Coaching is tailored to suit you and works from the values of creativity, collaboration, trust, confidentiality and trust.

I have over 7 years experience in Career Strategy, Executive Coaching,  with a diploma in Human Resources and a BA in humanities (Design & Business), A Higher Diploma in Executive Coaching & Life Coaching.

My main role in HR and recruitment was in learning and development building programs for consultants to increase confidence, self awareness and self-belief by getting through blocks and connecting with their skills and passions.

I am driven by helping people to do well and excel in their lives, careers, relationships and goals.

I have trained and coached 100’s of clients to set them up for success by helping them identify and develop their best self for the right career, a better relationships and an overall better life.

By coaching through their mindsets with compassion and mindfulness, they can obtain and maintain a better direction in their life and their career.

I do this by providing career coaching, life coaching, career consulting and overall life and goal strategy.

I work with clients every day to unlock their potential by identifying their beliefs, tolerations & values which helps them grow, achieve their dreams and live their best life.

The impact of my work is tangible and I value very visible results.

I have the skills to help you push through your fears and self doubt and help you go for it because I have been there and self-doubt and anxiety was always something that I had to work on.

We all do! It is a life long process so I would SAY feel the fear and the squirm and do it anyway!

My services include:

  • Bouncing back after redundancy
  • Confidence Coaching  (personal and career),
  • Career Coaching and
  • Personal Development  Coaching,
  • Life Coaching
  • Interview Coaching and training.
If you make enough imperfect actions it will lead you to where you want to be!

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