10 movies that predicted the pandemic

I wrote this post over a year ago and its amazing how we are in the same place today. Check out these movies for some realism and a good scare

10 movies that were written, directed and produced long before 2020 predicted the pandemic. Check these out!

I realised that I had written this last year when I was doing some ghost writing for random movie and entertainment websites. My thinking then – like us all was that the pandemic was only going to last a few weeks so filling the days with extra bits of creativity was important to escape the mundanity. Little did we know that almost a year later we are still in lockdown. In case  you fancy making reality even more real and unbearable – here are some must see movies that I feel predicted the pandemic.

Originally written in March 2020 but for fun I decided to include it in this weekend’s blog.

As we are in (STILL) global lockdown, we are confined to our houses and we are not allowed to travel certain distances – not really the 2020 (or 2021) that we had hoped for. 

This is a challenging time and we couldn’t have ever imagined that something like this would ever happen. But some directors were thinking this way long before 2020 and if we had seen these movies as possibilities for humanity today, we may have behaved and lived differently and more safely in our environments and washed our hands more. I have tried not to include spoilers in case biological disaster movies are only new to you as you might want to binge watch all 10!

  1. Flu (2013)

Hailing from South Korea this movie, this ‘Grand Bell awards nominee’ (2013) is a compelling story that follows the plot of an airborne virus that wreaks havoc just outside Seoul. Very like the coronavirus, it attacks the respiratory system but the infected die in just 36 hours which cannot be said for Covid-19, thankfully. This movie, unlike most human disaster movies doesn’t get bogged down with how the virus actually spreads but it simply sets out to cause mass hysteria and panic with bountiful amounts of violence and human drama to boot.

  1. I am Legend (2007)

This sci-fi horror does not disappoint with the fresh prince playing the lead. I bet he wishes he was in Belair with what this movie has going on. This is a movie of hope that has Smith playing the hunter by day and the hunted by night, a further adaptation of the 1971 adaptation of ‘The Omega Man’ starring Charlton Heston. He is the last healthy man on the planet and must survive. The message here is very simple that as humans we are destined to survive and then go forth and conquer. The

  1. Outbreak (1995)

There is mystery and a good classic plot in Wolfgang Peterson’s blockbuster. Starring Dustin Hoffman as the lead, Morgan Freeman, Donald Sutherland and a young ginger (dyed) Kevin Spacey with budding actor at the time Cuba Gooding Jnr. The team travel to Africa to investigate a new virus that has killed a village in Zaire. The virus causes the infected to bleed from the eyes and leave their skin bubbling with pustulous sores. The interesting aspect of this 1995 classic is how hand-tied the government really seem to be when they want to release a vaccine. It is spread through our droplets – like the coronavirus with one such scene showing in slow motion the droplets spreading after a man that is infected sneezes in the theatre. The plot thickens when Hoffman realises the virus is airborne so that no one is safe. Outbreak has the perfect amount of human drama as well as interesting tributaries in the story.

  1. 93 Days (2014)

Like the coronavirus this movie starts with a fever. A liberian American collapses in Nigeria and is admitted to hospital. Although this story is centred around tracing if anyone had been in contact with any ebola victims. Although a little slow moving, the story is very real and true so it is a very harrowing tale and echoes how vulnerable we are as humans. As the movie unfolds you can see that the 2014 epidemic was a scary time for all of the healthcare workers in Nigeria at the time. A must watch for educational purposes and to further keep you in awe of our healthcare professionals.

  1. Carriers (2009)

This would be setting the scene if coronavirus took hold and there were only 4 people left on earth. A post-apocalyptic tale that doesn’t require too much focus to follow to plot. Even though there is a lot of disturbing scenes and gore – it is not a zombie movie despite the somewhat misleading title. It is set where most apocalyptic tales are set – Texas or new Mexico and the 4 main characters are on the road speaking of a beach that they can hide out in until the virus passes. I think I would rather be on a beach somewhere in the states that in the cold housing estates of Ireland mind. Still – it is an enjoyable watch.

  1. Contagion (2011)

Made nearly 10 years ago, this is a super movie that keeps you interested the whole way through. With Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet and Matt Damon, this story is set between America and China which is more true to what we are experiencing right now than many of the other movies. There is foaming at the mouth which fortunately doesn’t accompany coronavirus. Paltrow is patient zero and contracts the virus in China – I won’t say how or where or anything like that -but it’s quite compelling. The experts, Winslet who play an epidemic intelligence officer investigate Paltrow’s route back to America and how the virus has spread and the terminology is the same as what we are hearing day to day on our news channels – ‘clusters’, ‘don’t touch your face’. the symptoms of this virus are the same as coronavirus but it seems that it is far more deadly than the one that’s spreading around our world right now with the fatality rate being much higher.

  1. Pandemic (2016)

Now, this is a post-virus zombie movie and it Mirrors many video games. Set in the near future where people are fighting to survive in a changed world. If you love video games and have a love for zombies then this movie is for you. It is easy to watch and is full of action. It would make you think about what if the infected people with coronavirus became zombies and were walking the earth and us as the uninfected had to eliminate them – shudder!

  1. World War Z (2013)

Brad Pitt stars as a former united nations (peaceful) employee. Pitt and his family seem happy with their lot until they learn of an infectious disease that is sweeping the planet, killing everyone. It is up to Pitt to find the answers when he is chosen to investigate the pandemic which has left zombies roaming the streets. A very balanced and solid performance by Pitt and it is an entertaining sci fi biological action movie that can help anyone escape their own minds right now.

  1. Black Death

Okay, I know this set in the 14th century but hear me out – the message is the same, the symptoms attack our system and cause pandemonium worldwide whether it comes from a human or an animal. Starring Sean Bean as the main character, as a feared knight (of course – it was the middle ages after all) the church has lost the faith of the people in this apocalyptic tale and Bean must investigate. The church feel the cause of the disease is because the people have lost their way. The contrast that I make here is that we have very much lost our way and perhaps we actually are being punished somehow. The church in medieval times would have been the due north of many civilisations and many would never think to live any other way. But now we have an abundance of choice and can live how we please, we overly consume social media and we had forgotten about our fellow man. The coronavirus will be a turning point for how civilisation lives and by staying home we can play Bean’s character and look inward and be inquisitive about how we were living and try to change it for the better. The ‘Black Death’ is a story of testing our faith and love in God (meaning). Which many of us are trying to find now as we sit at home. Who are we? Why are we here?

  1. It comes at Night (2017)

This is for life after the pandemic. Let’s just say folks that I really hope it doesn’t end up with us living with our families in the woods trying to stay safe. This is a claustrophobic tale where visitors arrive and as an audience we wonder whether they can be trusted them and if the family should share their resources with them. There will always be a fear that a survivor could be infected so its indeed risky business in this nightmarish plot. There won’t be anyone sailing off into the sunset, the whole thing is a nightmare. But it is a great movie and could a nice random movie to stick on first thing in the morning as the day will only get better for you!

So, that’s it – top 10 movies that predicated the coronavirus. 

Stay safe, wash your hands and maybe think twice about approaching any monkeys or bats

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