Design your day with the More or Less Technique

Do you feel that you want more of something in your daily life but you are unsure what it is?

Structuring out our days can be a bit of a challenge at the moment but we have the power to design our days with my new simple technique.

The More or Less Technique is a unique tool that I have devised for anyone that wants to kick start a different week and pave the way to a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

The More or Less technique allows you to create structure in your days by having a detailed look at what it is that you need, crave and want more of and what you would rather have or do less of.

  • The Less column is for things that subtract from your life – example: unhealthy food, alcohol, negative self-talk.
  • The More Column is for things that add to your life – example: healthy fruit and vegetables, daily walks, positive self-talk and encouragement, meaningful conversations etc.

There is a simple breakdown at the start of this workbook to make it easy to use.

My New More or Less technique workbook allows you to connect with:

  • Why you are doing something
  • What you are planning on doing
  • How you are going to do it/achieve it.


The exercise is easy to follow and provides you with a schedule, structure and meaningful list to follow at the end.

The overall idea is that you are getting more from the ‘MORE’ column:

‘More’ example:

  1. (the what)- I will drink more water today (the what)
  2. (the how) –  I will drink 2 litres of water today and have a bottle of water near me at all times
  3. (the why) – Drinking water and staying hydrated makes me feel calmer, more nourished, improves my skin and my digestion

‘LESS’ example:

  1. (the what) – I will be kinder to myself today
  2. (the How) – if I feel discouraged, I won’t beat myself up and use negative self-talk that makes me feel worse
  3. (the Why) – when I think or speak negatively about myself, I feel worse and it makes me more anxious, it makes me doubt myself and stops me from taking action – so today I will not allow myself to be mean to myself and I will only speak to myself with the same level of respect and kindness that I use with the people I love

Connecting with the meaning and purpose of why you’re doing something brings more feeling, positive reinforcement, thoughts and connection to your purpose which will then bring you more determination.

Get your free More or Less workbook below and design your week, your way!

Get your Free More or Less Workbook here


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