We Choose what we consume during lockdown

We are bombarded every day with news items, funny videos and working remotely we are accessible nearly every hour of the day. This can be draining for us mentally. We should try to keep focused on what is important which is staying safe at home but many clients are so uncertain about how long this is going to go on for and it has brought on alot of worry and fear.

What I am inviting you to do this weekend is an audit on your consumption of social media, news and any habits that are depleting you.

How you can do this is by making a mental or physical note about the action. So for example if you have been watching the news for half an hour, check in with yourself about whether it has added to your day (feeding you) or if it is depleting you (taking away). If you feel worse after looking at the news ask yourself is it due to the repetition of the stories? the gravity of the situation? the neverending mentions of coronavirus? or is it simply that it just upsets you.

My advice here would be to take a break from what is consuming you. Allocate maybe a small portion of your day to the news headlines if you want to keep up to date and only check reliable sources as there is alot of rubbish circulating about the army coming in to police the streets etc which will only add to your fears.

When you allocate this time to tasks such as news, social media scrolling or personal emailing then you have set aside that time just for that. If afterwards you don’t feel better then perhaps avoid it the next day. 

10 Tips on how to mind yourself

We need to conserve our energy but understand that we have no control over what is going on outside our homes but we can control what is going on inside our homes and inside our heads.

Post- Covid Goals Free Printable Workbook

Our brain is very clever and sometimes thoughts come from nowhere and send us into a tailspin – take control and get into the driver’s seat of your mind to keep it healthy.


Are your actions helpful or unhelpful to your well being?

If your scrolling and find it hard to part with your phone that is understandable as we have more fillable hours but be aware that looking at others and how they spend their lockdown can sometimes create a perception that they are having more fun or doing better than you and your family are.

They are not – everyone is scared, tired and kind of cagey as this could go on for a long time.

Minding your mind will equip you to deal with things more easily.

I talk a little bit more about this in this short 5 minute video on youtube, please like & subscribe or share with friends.


Watch now on YouTube!


Have a great weekend folks!





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