Post- Covid Goals Free Printable Workbook

The interesting thing that I have noticed since Lockdown is that we are all trying to be productive and we tell friends and family that we don’t have much news – this is okay to not have news but it is just important that you stay connected and share your worries or concerns.

All we have to do is:

  1. stay safe
  2. stay home
  3. wash our hands

What I have noticed is that most people try to keep busy. This is fine to keep your mind and body occupied but it is also important to slow down, evaluate things and allow yourself to just be.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

So we don’t need to put undue pressure on ourselves. If you want to be in your pyjamas for the day and take it easy – do it – with no guilt. Guilt free living can be our new way of life, if we choose it to be.

This is a time for peace and for some it is for taking stock of all the gifts that we have, the family that we love and the skills and aptitudes that we have. 

This Free Printable Workbook has really helped my clients in  mapping out the areas that need your attention for whenever we pull out of this strange time – which may not be for a while yet.

No need to learn japanese or the violin

This doesn’t mean that the current time has to be used to learn the violin, learn japanese or become a super hero at something new – although you are perfectly entitled to do all of those things of course. I am just advising that you don’t have to put massive pressure on yourself to do the things that you haven’t done in your life so far. Why not spend the time focusing on what you already know and build on that to make your life better?

This can be a time to evaluate and take a look and the life you might want to create for yourself.

Now we are staying home, we are connecting more with people on a deeper level, having more meaningful conversations and  we really have gone back to basics where going to the supermarket is an outing and can sometimes even be fun!– We have connected again and are finding peace and this can benefit humanity in the long run so much so that if the pace picks up again in life – will we have learnt more about ourselves since covid and we can be proud to say that we took stock and starting living the life that we actually want.

The purpose of this Workbook is to look at all the areas of your life and write down what you want in each of the areas.

The goal areas in the workbook are:

Health, Family, career, finance, leisure & personal growth . The first sheet is to write in your headings and the second page is a detailed account of that goal. For instance:

Finance – save 200 euros a month, cut out unecessary entertainment – netflix, spotify or similar that has some sacrifice that you reward yourself with after.

Health – stop smoking, (Sign up for your free Quit kit) (HSE)- eat more healthily, join a gym, walk to work, join a dance class, get out for more walks.

Personal growth – finish that course, read that book, learn something new, set boundaries – see video here for Creating boundaries

Download your Free Workbook here


Get your free assessment

You can email me a picture of the completed worksheet and I can assess and tell you the area that stands out most as a starting point (for free)! Email me for free assessment

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