How fear can really get in Our way

Fear can roadblock us from what we want and I know that many people talk about fear online but I just wanted to do a short post to tell you to feel that fear and allow it to make you feel alive. What is it telling you? SHowing you? egging you on to do?

The inner critic takes hold

I realized that I have really allowed my inner critic take hold when it comes to announcing achievements and this is down to training in our environments and also a woman should be selfless and not toot her own horn too much. I call bullshit on that and now is the time to DO YOU – no one else can.

So what do you really really want that you are too afraid or paralysed to ask for?

I coach clients as their creativity and productivity partner and I do it nowadays in my slippers with a bowl of cereal on my knee – if you had told me that 5 years ago that that is how I would spend my days I would have laughed if you had tried to get me out of high heels.

I have tried hard to replace my first thoughts ‘no way!’ ‘no thanks’, ‘morto’ – during this lockdown and replace them with ‘Feck it – sure let’s do it anyway – you literally have nothing to lose’ This is something that I encourage my clients to work with too – a principle to live by. Actually this Lockdown has ironically unlocked and cleared so many blocks that have been holding me back.

I am writing more and more and pushing myself and my clients further as I am honouring and trusting myself – and they are too (The Great Awakening?) –

Trust and honour yourself

I am offering more to my clients – in business and to individuals so that they can keep showing up as themselves with altered perceptions of perfection and new and improved ways of being that are in line with their true values and beliefs and their inner wisdom

Imposter syndrome or as I call it INTRUDER STATE

We hear this so often but when it comes to me being online and getting over my introversion and my fear of being exposed as a fraud. I am not a fraud and neither are you – we are all doing our best! 

Many people feel this way – that they don’t belong and what happens is that we stand in the background and we don’t get involved and we don’t show up how we want to be seen.

The universal realization that lockdown inspired

The lockdown has made me see that we need to be more vocal online, unapologetic, use our gifts, show ourselves without fear and stop having a ‘I’m just looking I’m not buying’ attitude.

I can offer Creativity Coaching and I have programs that provide the following:

  • Career Coaching and Career Strategy – CV rewrites and redesign, interview preparation, career goals and career audit and much more
  • Creativity Coaching  and personal coaching – Build your brand, grow your legacy, be you, rewrite old unhelpful narratives, identify your values, beliefs, aspirations and goals and helping you achieve them
  • Linkedin Profile audits, reviews and rewrites, see my Linkedin Profile, 29k followers
  • I can help you get your profile in front of shared connections that will open doors for you
  • Content writing for business and business or individual blogs 
  • White papers for business or testimonials
  • Marketing & branding material design – linkedin banners, logos, business mission statements, instagram presence, facebook presence material, survey design, campaign design

The Coaching space is a place to be vulnerable and courageous.

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