10 Tips on how to mind yourself

There is a reason why we say ‘mind yourself’ and for years the phrase was lost on me until I began to practice self-care and until I began to work with clients on self care. This opened my eyes to the reality of how we allow ourselves to treat ourselves on a daily basis. Minding yourself is an ongoing process of being gentle with yourself – everyday! We can sometimes be our own worst critics and this doesn’t help our states of mind. So, please see below 10 tips that can help you to mind yourself this spring

1.      Be nice to yourself

Sometimes we are guilty of being nice to others and forget to be nice and kind to ourselves. Negative self talk can really stand in our way at times so why not tell yourself things that you would say to others like ‘you’re brilliant’, ‘you look great today’ or something as simple as ‘good job’ – be proud of yourself and who you are because you are UNIQUE – no one else can be you so live it and breathe it – with kindness.

2.      Get a good night’s sleep – opt for a book rather than your phone or device

At night our brains need to produce melatonin in order to produce a good night’s restful sleep – the light on your phone creates the opposite of this at night and keeps your brain awake for longer .
Turn your phone off 2 hours before bedtime – endless scrolling through websites and social media before bed plays havoc on your mental health not to mention the damage that it can do over time to your brain.

– see more here:

3.      Change self- limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

When you say ‘ I can’t do it’ – take a look at times in the past where you have achieved similar or more and remind yourself that ‘you can do this’. Make sure your beliefs aren’t limiting your ability and potential. Empower yourself by telling yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Quiet the ego and say hello to your true self (for a free limiting beliefs workbook – simply email me for your free copy – amy@appiness.ie

4.      Don’t compare yourself to others – they are not you

Don’t compare yourself to others because you are YOU and you are where you need to be right now. No one else is living your life, so don’t focus on what others have and you haven’t  – focus on what you DO have and that is yourself and that in itself is a perfectly good reason to enjoy it. If you have feelings that are getting you down ask yourself what they are and why do you feel that way – a lot of the time we don’t have any basis for our comparison to others – we just see the lack in our lives. Live in the moment and enjoy it for what it is – ‘yesterday is history – tomorrow is a mystery – but today is a GIFT – that’s why they call it the present’

5.      Meditate & get some headspace

Meditation is huge now and really there is no need for all the hype because all it is is breathing! – So easy to do right?

Breathe in and out ten times – the reason this works is that it sends a message to your brain that you are not in danger – if you feel panicked – breathe and walk away from the situation.

You can meditate anywhere which is brilliant – as its just breathing – get the headspace app here – brilliant app that syncs with your calendar and remind you to ‘take 2 or 5 minutes for yourself’

6.      Exercise – even a little makes a difference

Exercise – be it walking, running, swimming, yoga – whatever is great for releasing endorphins and getting the happy hormones going and working in your body – make time to walk to work a few times a week or go for a walk on your lunch break with a podcast that isn’t work related or play some music that you like and just switch off. Exercise relieves stress and also helps you sleep better at night – so WIN WIN…..

7.      Get away from the office as much as you can

Today we are all mobile – we have all our apps on our phones – so why be chained to your desk? Make time to go out for coffee – get out at lunch- just break up the day to give you some variety. If you have a break out area spend some time in there and allow things to settle.

8.      Connect with people you laugh with and love having around!

Human connection is a great stress buster. Just seeing close friends for half an hour for a quick catch up or phone call -boosts your happy hormones and makes you feel better during your day. Talk your friends about worries even if you are afraid how they will react. Even just saying things out loud can help. A problem shared is a problem halved. No one has it all figured out – so share your story and your journey with the ones that love you most.

9.      Put your phone on flight mode when you don’t need it

Craning our heads into our phones is commonplace nowadays – all you have to do is observe everyone – including yourself on the commute and see how attached to our phones we are. Make a plan to use your commute for something that feeds your brain, makes you happy or try some breathing or listening to affirmations to settle into your mind and body. See some cool affirmation videos to listen to:

Jason Stephenson – is a subscription worth having and his ‘I AM’ affirmations get you set up for the day!

10.  If you have a hobby – do it – be it painting, reading or photography – embroidery – whatever – focus on it and make some time for it. Switching off and spending time with your talents is good for your soul.

Source http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/6-ways-hobbies-can-advance-your-career/

However, knowing when and where to get help – if you are worried about your mental health speak to your GP – if your GP isn’t helpful – get a new GP – don’t be afraid just because they are a family doctor – change it to suit you – for a list of HSE mental health services – click here:

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