Questions to ask yourself for Career Success

Sitting down and asking yourself some important questions about your career can really help to put you on a path of success….

Try the below self-coaching questions and see how you get on.

Get clarity on what you ACTUALLY want

Do I want a change of jobs or a change of careers?
Do I have any transferable skills for the job or career that I want?
Where will I gain experience?
Am I following your passion? – what is my passion?

Am I ready for the job search? – how can I get ready?
What do I really want from a career/job/company? – is it structure?freedom?holidays?flexibility etc… – List all that you potentially value in a role.
Is this new career a good fit for you?
What companies do you want to work for?

Utilising your network

Who can I contact in your network for help?
Can I ask them to point me in the right direction or grab a coffee? (utilize their expertise)

What’s my long term plan? Why do I want to change careers? Have you researched your options?

What does my skill set allow me to do?
Do I need to learn new skills?
Will this new career make me happy?
Am I ready for a change in pay?
What job requirements do I need?
Am I okay with starting at the bottom again?
Is this the best time to make a switch?

Am I financially ready to make a change?
Do I have the support from the people in my life that matter?
What are the challenges of making this move?

Location, location, location
Do I need to relocate?
Is this a realistic career change? If not now, when?

The most important element when choosing a new career path is to try and use as many resources as you can for advice.

Knowing where you are most happy can really help you here.

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