Are you living your life without apologies?

What would your life look like if you were more confidence and self-belief in your gifts, skills and talents?

The Coaching Program with Amy has many programs that have been specially designed to help you to let go of blockages, old beliefs and things that get in the way of living your best life.

All programs are tailored to be as unique as you are! I help you  pave your way in life and in business by collaborating with you to rewrite your story, let go of old narratives and belief systems (that get in the way of success and contentment)

I work with Creatives and driven individuals to accept themselves

Build a Legacy, Design a brand you are proud of, Create a tone of voice, garner self-love and compassion in your Career and Life

See my coaching experiences & brochures below

“I would thoroughly recommend Amy. She is very professional however she’s not just a surface Level coach. She sees the whole person and has a lot of depth. She is amazing at helping you become the best version of you.”
Laura - Confidence Program Client
Laura – Confidence Program Client
“Amy has helped me so much. She has given me priceless tips on how to boost my confidence at work and get what I want from life. She’s very professional and from the first session I felt I could really open up to her. Totally worth it!”
Sarah - Career Confidence Program
Sarah – Career Confidence Program
“I worked with Amy on a number of occasions and it improved my entire outlook on situations and my overall wellness, balance and I improved my self talk. I would highly recommend Amy as she is warm, funny and caring but helps you take responsibility for yourself. In my opinion she one of the best and talented Coaches I have meet! Thank you Amy for all you have done for me. I love you!”
Agnes - Empowerment Client
Agnes – Empowerment Client
“I was having a hard time on the process of moving forward in my career. Working with Amy is helping me getting all the clarity I needed. Now I can understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me and what are the steps that I have to take to achieve my dreams.
After her coaching I feel a lot more motivated, confident and full of energy to take action in my life.
Starting the coaching with Amy has been definitely the best decision I have taken this year.”
AvaInterior Designer
“I have just finished reading The Coaches Companion book. This is a fantastic, insightful book and a must read for all aspiring and newly qualified coaches. It engages you from the start and is a great resource for all coaches. It is filled with practical examples and techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any coach who truly wants to make a difference.”
EdelPersonal DevelopmentReader
“I have worked with Amy as my life and career coach twice now and have found both periods of consultation extremely valuable and enriching.
As a creative professional I really needed guidance in the area of monetising my skill set, finding the voice of my brand and building the foundations of my business. Amy understood all of this from the outset, before I even realised it myself. She provided me with the tools and encouragement to make my ideas tangible and achievable.
Amy approaches your goals along side you, giving you the feeling you have a team mate as well as a mentor.
I would highly recommend her to all who are in need of this kind of coaching, particularly those working within the creative industry.”
SarahCreativity Client
“It was a pleasure to work with Amy and an incredible experience. Prior to this, I was at a point of my career where I was confused as to which path to take and what would be the best approach to get things done. Amy didn’t only help me get clarity over my goals, she also helped me realise my potential and gain confidence. Through various sessions, she helped me work on my weaknesses and limiting beliefs which held me back and helped me take control.
Amy is highly knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of her field. During every session, she talked very amiably and always helped me out through her creative solutions. I highly appreciate all the efforts she put in to understand my professional goals and requirements and helped me plan out the steps needed to achieve them.
She is very enthusiastic, easy to talk to and listens to you very calmly. I highly recommend her.”
Max - Career Coaching Client
Max – Career Coaching Client
I worked with Amy on a Career programme and found her an incredible source of support. She is there when you need someone to encourage you to make that journey of career development, which is not easy.
James R.
James R.Career Program
“Working with Amy was a delight and her positive energy, creativity and problem-solving mind were a great influence on all of us coaches.”
Maisy - Pier Coach collab
Maisy – Pier Coach collab
“Working with Amy has been a life changing experience. I gained more clarity, focus and confidence to move forward in my career. With all her tools, empathy and kindness she helped me feeling motivated, hopeful and proactive and I started seeing changes in a very short period of time.”
Rachel - Confidence Client
Rachel – Confidence Client

amy’s coaching experiences

Creativity Coaching Package
Build your Legacy

Creative development involves getting to know yourself, building a brand and legacy that you are proud of. This program begins with rewriting old stories and beliefs that hold you back in life, in your career and in society. This includes using any areas of regret as your super power. This includes; value discovery, breaking through blocks, accountability, creative brainstorming, practicing self-acceptance and unapologetic living. So whether you are a designer, a marketer, a go -getter, online entrepreneurs and any discipline.

From only €75 per week

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Career Coaching & Career Strategy

With over 7  years’ experience in Recruitment and I have helped hundreds of people to land their dream job offers. Planning with a Qualified Career Coach and an experience interview panelist is essential to your career success because it encourages you to be specific about what you really want from the job market and how you can use your own unique skills to approach it effectively. This program includes a Mock Interview package, CV service and Linkedin audit and is tailored to suit your needs as a jobseeker or if you want to progress in your career.


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Confidence and Courage Program

what would your life look like if you had more courage along with more confidence?

Completely different, I would say. Going to visit a confidence life coach years ago was the best thing that I ever did and he introduced me to my own power and new beliefs that would help me in the future. I devised this program to build on that and help you to see yourself more clearly.


Download the Courage & Confidence Brochure here

CV Consultations

Doing up your cv can be really daunting, not to mention tiring.

With a fresh eye you can achieve so much more. My cv services suit all budgets.

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CV Service

About Me

Hi I’m Amy. I’m a fully qualified Creative Life Coach and Designer with over 10 years experience in business and in design.


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